NCS Colour Trends 2025+

Now presented: Our official Trend Talk of 2025+

2025+ promises a year of big contrasts

NCS Colour Trends 2025+ are here! Gaia, On & Off, Inner and Ethereal – these are the trend directions representing the trend colours of 2025+. Explore the trend stories and their colour palettes for all the details on what's next in colour!



A tribute to nature and water focusing on blue and green tones. The impact of climate change resulting in a drier, warmer world pushes us towards colours that remind us of our most important resource: water. This drives a desire for these colours’ calming effect and natural presence in our surroundings and daily lives.


On & Off

We live in a world of utmost contrasts and want to seek refuge in all extremes. Light and dark hues are combined by two chromatic colours that symbolise unity. We strive to express a feeling of connection and hope by bridging our opposites.



Today’s divisive, sceptical, and harsh environment makes us turn inward, trusting our instincts and senses. This results in colour choices that evoke emotions of comfort, warmth, and joy. We embrace mid-tones – warm, earthy and human hues that exhibit subtle yet enduring strength.



Light, fluid colours reflect a liquid state of mind, blurring the line between the digital and physical worlds. We seamlessly blend light and airy aesthetics with technology to create immersive experiences in the multiverse.