100 new colours: Design collaboration

100 new colours: Design collaboration

NCS 2050

Using the new colours

We have collaborated with two designers, each with an extensive portfolio, working with renowned clients and brands. 

Allow us to introduce Swedish interior designer Cecilia Rosvall (@designbycilla) and Italian textile designer Silvia Stella Osella (@silviaosella_).

bedroom makeover

Redesign with Cecilia Rosvall

Follow along as Cecilia remakes her bedroom in collaboration with us. To create a subtle yet colourful impression of her bedroom, Cecilia chose to work with NCS S 3005-B50G as her wall colour, a soft cool pink NCS S 3005-R for interior decor, and a shelf in the warmer NCS S 3005-Y20R. See how it turned out!

Redesign with Cecilia Rosvall using colour codes: NCS S 3005-B50G, NCS S 3005-R & NCS S 3005-Y20R
Inspirational image of NCS S 3005-B50G

“For my bedroom design, I chose NCS S 3005-B50G or 'Nordic Green' as the foundation for the colour scheme. Depending on the direction of room, the colour will be perceived as more blue or more green.

Our new Nordic Green, NCS S 3005-B50G, is a mid-tone which indulge us in a mood of calm and relaxation. It is a colour that is perceived as neither chromatic or neutral. Cecilia wanted to use this specific new NCS colour since it neither too dark, nor too light. Her bedroom is facing the north, and often, blue-green nuances are in those cases perceived as more purple. But, like Cilla says:

“Since it is a fair amount of green in this colour, NCS S 3005-B50G, the result was quite magical, and goes perfectly together with our bed with its textiles in teal”.

“To me, Nordic Green NCS S 3005-B50G is a colour which suits both large and small spaces of different kinds.”

“I love muted pastels and amongst the 100 new NCS standard colours there are a lot of favourites! They are also so beautiful to combine, and are easy to combine in combinations based in blackness.”

wallpaper creation

Design with Silvia Stella Osella

For Silvia Stella Osella, Textile Designer & Color, Trend and Sustainability Consultant, colour always plays a special part from the very beginning of her working path. Whether she is designing a wallpaper, creating textile collections or consulting companies to pick the best shades for their products.

Silvia Stella Osella

At the heart of her design process is the art of crafting a space or a concept, that truly reflects the client's vision and the unique character of the project. Ensuring that every colour choice serves a purpose is vital. Silvia's main purpose is to always design with sustainability in mind.

“Designing consciously also means finding the right colours, the ones that can really embody meaningful stories happening around us, and those that hopefully will last over time."

Moodboard of Silvia Stella Osella's Design
Moodboard of Silvia Stella Osella's wallpaper creation design

"Lately I am playing a lot with unusual neutrals, I think these shades have a lot of potential! Both in the Nordic midtones and the Great Greys I have found great new colour tones to integrate in my wallpaper design."

Silvia tells us that she really likes the depth the 100 new colours convey. 

“I truly feel that the colour stories selected from NCS embody perfectly so many atmospheres, something very contemporary but familiar and reassuring at the same time."

"I am lucky enough to work on many different kinds of projects, both in the interior and the fashion fields, and that's the most fun part! I love how all this variety allows me to learn new things everyday."

2050 colours

More about our 100 new colours

Our 100 new colours are in the low-chromatic area to offer more options and greater control when working with these colours. Perfect for interior, exterior and product design. With the update of 100 new NCS Standard colours, also comes updates to our Design Tools.