NCS Colour Trends

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About our trend forecast

NCS Colour Trends gives a unique insight into the international drivers for colour, material and finishes, applicable cross-industry. The forecast is developed by a team consisting of internationally renowned experts within their field. As a result, the forecast offers relevant colour palettes and attributes to suit any market and industry. See the forecasting team below.

the Trend Panel

Internationally renowned experts

A special thanks to our trend panel for their valuable input in this forecast: Emma Clerici & Manuela Bonaiti, Baolab, Kun Dai, Architect and interior designer, Laura Perryman, Colour of Saying, Peggy van Allen, Color Fuel and President of Color Marketing Group (CMG), Weiwei Lin, Kun Dai, Astrid Van der Auwera, Senior Designer, BASF and Soizic Boucault, Vanessa Lehner & Xavière Ollier, founders of Nacarat.

NCS Colour Trends 2024+

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NCS Colour Trends 2023+

"A year of a re-invention – joyful, confident and bold."