Explore NCS

Explore NCS

The NCS System simplifies your design project. From the drawing board to the final result, our colour design tools are made to support your every step in colour. Navigate the NCS Colour Space by using intelligence of the system.

Example of NCS Notation or code, S 4020-B30G. This makes it easy to communicate any colour.

About NCS Colour

At the core of our innovation is the Natural Colour System® NCS. Applying NCS Notations or codes
make it easy to communicate any colour to perfectly match your vision.

Over forty years, we have engineered colour communication and revolutionised how we communicate the colours we perceive.

Create your colour concepts with NCS

Designers, architects or creatives will take colouring decisions through their projects. Choosing the right colours, making the best combinations or being able to communicate these to a stakeholder or a customer is not always easy. Integrating physical and digital tools into your colour projects will promote efficiency, precision, and creative inspiration.

Identify colours effortlessly with colour tools at your fingertips

Realising your colour design is easy with our tools in your hands. Aided by our curated collection of digital and physical colour tools, you are equipped to select the perfect colours for your project.

Define the perfect colour palette

Develop your distinct colour palette with the full range of the NCS 2050 Standard colours. Use the intelligence of the system and NCS codes to navigate the NCS Colour Space. You can define colour combinations to reflect your vision with precision.

Visualise your colour choices

To make accurate colour choices with partners, customers, or colleagues, visualising your colour design is important. Whether it’s digital or physical colour references, collaborating, communicating and aligning colours is seamless with NCS.

NCS+ Digital Design Tool


NCS Digital Design Tool

Working with colours digitally can revolutionise your design projects. NCS+ will allow you to be more efficient in your colour selections, simplify collaboration and make you more confident your decisions.

Trends Collage 2023+
Trends 2024+ Fandeck


NCS Colour Trends

NCS Colour Trends offers clear and inspiring insights into the forthcoming colour trends and palettes. It has been developed by a team of internationally renowned colour experts.

Atelier Fleur

Case study

Atelier Fleur

Atelier Fleur, a florist and creative studio, uses NCS – Natural Colour System© to identify colours in their creation of colour concepts.

By taking inspiration from the colours of flowers, they transfer ideas to carefully curated colour schemes.

Inspirational image of how the NCS System works, communicating the right purple colour with Atlas, colour samples and colourpin

The NCS System

How the NCS System works

With NCS, it's easy to describe a colour's precise hue and nuance. Whether selecting the ideal colour, creating stunning combinations, or fine-tuning the intensity of a colour, you can communicate it all with the NCS code.

Hands displaying colour samples

NCS Partners

Find a reseller near you

An NCS partner helps you with customised solutions and colour choices. A local contact can support you in your request.