NCS Colour at Stockholm Furniture Fair: Trend Talk 2025+

NCS Colour at Stockholm Furniture Fair: Trend Talk 2025+


We are proud to reveal that the NCS Colour Trend Talk will yet again take place during Stockholm Furniture Fair!

Stockholm Furniture Fair is the global hub for Scandinavian design, bringing together around 80% of exhibitors from Scandinavian countries. It showcases the latest trends and products in Scandinavian furniture and lighting design for public and home environments. The event attracts visitors worldwide, placing Scandinavian design in an international context. 

Date: February 6th.

Time: 14.00-15:00.

Place: A10:18

The fair takes place February 6-10, 2024 in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more about our Trend Talk and get your tickets to the fair here

NCS Colour Trends 2025+

2025 is a blurred year in a world of complexity and uncertainty driven by climate change, political shifts, and social divisions. Not knowing what is right or wrong, true or false, is translated into different directions of colour preferences. More importantly, we appreciate that there are several colours together and not only one.

“For 2025, like the world, our colour preferences will differ quite dramatically, it is a year of big contrasts.”

– Karl Johan Bertilsson, NCS Colour 

The world's challenges influence colour choices reflecting humanity, connection to nature, and a desire for unity, blending grounded, earthy tones with ethereal, light shades symbolising hope in a divided world. We seek unity through a visual combination of light and dark hues. 

The Trend Talk

Join NCS Colour for our renowned trend talk and reveal of the most important colours, materials and finishes for 2025 and beyond. During an inspirational hour, you will get introduced to Gaia, On & Off, Inner and Ethereal, and discover the belonging trend colours. 

The NCS Colour Trend Talk is hosted by Karl Johan Bertilsson, Creative Director at NCS Colour. Karl Johan Bertilsson has worked with colour since 1997 in more than 70 countries, assisting designers, architects, universities, and industries to become successful with colour; covering from design to production, sales and marketing.