2024+ promises a year of action and escapism

Discover more of NCS Trends 2024+ and indulge in trend directions Young Folk, Wood Kick, Heart / Stop and Star Gazer.


Young Folk

Bold and happy colours of pink, a greenish yellow and a green that make our surroundings feel like a folkloric eco-verse. These chromatic colours are balanced with soothing beautiful pastel shades that calms us down and makes us feel comfortable. We want to endulge ourselves in a positive environment where things are not static and boring. White is a necessary balance colour here.


Wood Kick

Natural, raw colours that can naturally be found above, in and below ground give us the necessary feeling that we are correct. This feeling of correctness is boasted with a tint of a warmer natural happy colour fills us with the energy we need to face a new normal. It is a manifest of conscious sustainable living where there is no room for artificially coloured things. We use the natural colour the material has.


Heart / Stop

Pure red colours are important. They give us feelings of important happenings, attraction, passion and that we want action. These red nuances want to live together with a reddish blue, the two colours that we understand and have always used. The chromatic red and blue are balanced with a warm grey concrete and wood. This constellation of colours are classic and polynational that indulges us in feelings of recognition and understanding at the same time as they indicate bold actions.



We escape in to a powerful caleidoscope of mysticism with a base of purple and violet. Together with darker tinted colours and the very important gold, they introduce us to a mindset that we want to understand who we are, or rather who we would like to be. The colours are elegant and exclusive. Combining both darker tinted colours or purple and violet with gold is surrounding us with a sense of wealth in all senses.

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