4. Colour Similarities

4. Colour Similarities

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COLOUR SIMILARITIES – Training in visual similarities among colours.

The fourth of a total of six colour exercise kits from NCS Colour Academy.


This exercise will help you understand and be able to practice how the NCS symbols describe these similarities in a logical way.

Trains your ability to recognize and analyze similarities and differences between certain colours.

The exercise sheets are not included in packaging, these will need to be downloaded separately and can be found under the section “How to use”.

Key features
  • Visual similarities between colours, described with NCS logic.

4.1 Hue & Nuance Similarities

  • 24 colour samples
  • Sample size: 23×23 mm
  • Old product references: K3 Φ + K5

4.2 Nuance Similarity

  • 3×14 colour samples
  • Sample size: 23×23 mm
  • Old product references: K3 s + K3 c + K3 w
Size & weight

  • Size: W 12 x L 8 x H 1 cm
  • Weight: 0,04 kg
How to use

4.1 Hue & Nuance Similarities Trains your ability to recognise similarities in different colours, Practices recognizing colours in different hues with the same whiteness, blackness and chromaticness.

4.2 Nuance Similarity This exercise includes similarities in blackness, whiteness and chromaticness.

Download the exercise sheets here