Fandeck of NCS Exterior 84
Fandeck of NCS Exterior 84

NCS Exterior 84 Fandeck

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The most popular and best suited colours for exterior environments, inspired by modern Nordic Architecture.


84 carefully handpicked colours that provide minimal visual colour change from the small colour sample to the large surface. Developed by NCS colour experts, with regards to colour appearance in different outdoor lighting conditions, combined with extensive market research.

Key features
  • Safe and desirable colours suited for outdoor environments.
  • A condensed and on-point colour collection simplifying the colour decision process.

 7 Chapters:

  • Clouds - White and gray colours
  • Fields - Beige and yellow colours
  • Earth - Brown colours
  • Clay - Peach and brown colours
  • Minerals - Pink and purple colours
  • Sky - Blue colours
  • Grass – Green colours
  • Instructions for easy colour navigation using NCS.

Chapter dividers and sturdy laminated paper cover. Coated colour samples at NCS Quality Level 1.

Size & weight

  • Size: W 5,2 x L 15,5 x H 4,2 cm
  • Weight: 0,18 kg
How to use

84 colours divided into seven colour areas:
White and gray. Beige and yellow. Brown. Peach and brown. Pink and purple. Blue. Green.