Puustelli launches trend kitchen designed with NCS trend colours

Puustelli launches trend kitchen designed with NCS trend colours

8 AUGUST, 2022

Discover an exciting design project, signed Puustelli. The Finnish company is launching a kitchen, designed by trend expert Stefan Nilsson, with NCS trend colours.

Puustelli Trend Kitchen - NCS Designed

The trend kitchen can be seen in Puustelli's showroom on Kungsholmen in Stockholm.

NCS Colour works annually with an international team of colour experts to produce interdisciplinary trend forecasts. These forecasts are made two years in advance, and are based on the movements and directions we see in the outside world. What color preferences will be relevant? The result of the joint work is a forecast that includes a total of 24 trend colors, grouped into four palettes. In this process, the NCS system is crucial, it forms a descriptive model and identifies exact color positions or color areas in the hue and hue.

The NCS System

"In our role as a colour expert, it is important to always look ahead and our trend work is a fundamental part of this in order to help our customers make well-informed colour decisions," says Elin Askfelt, CEO, NCS Colour.

Elin Askfelt, CEO NCS in Puustelli Trend Kitchen

Elin Askfelt, CEO, NCS Colour.


Puustelli's colourful trend kitchen

An exciting example of how trend colours can be applied is demonstrated by the Finnish kitchen company Puustelli, which is launching its recyclable kitchen range called "Miinus" in a trend edition, where the colours used are based on NCS Colour Trends 2023+.

The kitchen is designed together with trend expert Stefan Nilsson and the project has been run by Jonas Abelsted Eklund and Paulina Kalbori at Puustelli marketing department.

Paulina Kalbori & Jonas Abelsted Eklund in Puustelli Trend Kitchen  

Paulina Kalbori and Jonas Abelsted Eklund, Puustelli.

- The idea for the trend kitchen came up when we started talking about trends and how we could apply them within our products. It was then that the idea of creating an entire kitchen, with the help of Stefan Nilsson, was born. We have collaborated with Stefan for many years, but this is clearly the biggest project we have done together. It has been interesting to develop the trend kitchen and it is not entirely impossible that there will be a kitchen next year as well, says Jonas Abelsted Eklund at Puustelli.


Recyclable Trend Kitchen -  NCS Colour Trends 2023+

Stefan Nilsson is a Swedish trend expert and frequent contributor to TV, radio and newspapers. He travels the world reporting from various design fairs and events. When he worked on the design for Puustelli's kitchen, he thought it was important to incorporate colour into the design.

– We are going through something now after the pandemic. One of the things that is very clear is that we crave more color. That is the main purpose of this kitchen. It's not so much about new shapes and constructions, it's about the use of colour, says Stefan.

  Stefan Nilsson, Swedish Trend Expert in Puustelli Trend Kitchen

Stefan Nilsson.

The materials used are from Puustelli's recyclable kitchen range called "Miinus". Kitchen cabinets are available in different colors, combined with open shelves. A large kitchen island is placed in the middle, making it easy to meet and interact with each other. The kitchen is becoming more and more a social point where we not only cook but also a place where we work or socialize. Puustelli's trendy kitchen is an inviting kitchen, where we can meet family and friends, relax and eat together.

Read more about the trend kitchen at Puustellis home page.

  Orange Kitchen Drawer Front with Copper Knobb and White Tabletop

Drawer front in NCS S 3030-Y40R combined with copper knobs.

– I think it looks so good! And I think this is something we're going to see more of. We use three different colors on the doors. We must dare to experiment more with colour, says Stefan.


  NCS Colour Wave of Colour Trends 2023+

NCS Colour Trends 2023+ colour wave.


About NCS Colour Trends 2023+

In recent years, NCS Colour has seen a movement in colour preferences. Neutral and low chromatic colors will always be popular, but now there is an increasing need for warmer shades.

"We are moving from low chromatic colours to more colourful ones. It's also about coming up with stylish color combinations within each trend. Historically, these trends have primarily been used as one or a few colors together. However, we now see that you choose the entire palette, to create a harmony in a room or in an environment. Puustelli's trendy kitchen is an example of this," says Askfelt.

NCS Colour Trends provides a unique insight into what influences the directions of colour, materials and surface effects from an international perspective. An exclusive edition of NCS Colour Trends 2023+, a trend book with a complementary colour wave. The content is filled with in-depth insights into upcoming years' color trends and what drives their directions.

Full information about the color movements and their directions from today onwards, in-depth trend descriptions, exclusive picture collages, valuable materials and finishes as well as international relevant color palettes. This makes the trends relevant and applicable to all industries.

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