Linnéa Andersson at Atelier Fleur


Linnéa Andersson at Atelier Fleur

19 JUNE, 2023

Art and flora working together - discover how artist Linnéa Andersson creates her talked about motif at Atelier Fleur.


Art and flora hand-in-hand

Over the years, Linnéa Andersson has created art installations, wall paintings and several commercial commissions. She has received particular attention for her works depicting organic forms and patterns. Earlier this year, she was on site at Atelier Fleur in Stockholm, florist and creative studio, to create a mural there. NCS Colour visited them on site to have a chat about art and colours.

Mural by the Artist Linnéa Andersson

Jill Windahl is one of the owners of Atelier Fleur. She says that when she first met Linneá Andersson through her work, they immediately gravitated toward each other and soon realized that they share the same passion for colour.

- We’ve been discussing that it would be fun to do something together for a long time, and now it’s finally happening. Linnéa’s art fits so nicely in here, I love her motifs – the organic shapes that flirt with my flora. I also adore how she paints freehand, making the shapes really come to life. Each pattern becomes unique and this particular one became Atelier Fleurs, says Jill.

Linnéa Andersson says that this motif arose when she took a course at HDK-Valand (College of Design and Crafts) in Gothenburg.

- I’d had an intense year in Stockholm, and decided to take a course at HDK. The course had a much more freewheeling theme, which was precisely what I was looking for at the time. I could paint freely and explore different colours and motifs without restrictions.

Here the organic shapes began to emerge. Soon Linnéa realized that with these kinds of shapes she could play and experiment with colours – create combinations and contrasts.

- The shapes in the spaces in between, and how colours interact with one another, fascinate me and is something I really enjoy exploring.

NCS Colour Code: NCS S 4050-Y80R

For the mural at Atelier Fleur, Linnéa and Jill chose the colour palette together. It so happened that Linnéa received the NCS designation for the wall painted in NCS S 1515-Y70R. This colour became her starting point and she used NCS Atlas 2050 to navigate the lightness values. The colour chosen for the pattern was NCS S 4050-Y80R.

- It was important to find a colour that was dissimilar in shade, but also didn’t give too much contrast, says Linnéa.

The colour fits perfectly with Atelier Fleur and its context.

- The fact that it was a Y80R shade also fits very well with all the green plants in our store, says Jill.

Green Plants match NCS S 4050-Y80R

In Linneá Andersson´s art, the colour ultramarine often appears. She says that this is largely since that particular colour and its pigments are particularly pleasant to work with.

- The density of the paint and the amazing feeling it creates when the brush meets the paper – it engenders a sense of craftsmanship.

She sees colour as a way to question and challenge preexisting beliefs.

- There are many unspoken as well as explicit “rules” about how colours should, or shouldn’t, be used. Fascinating interactions often occur when unexpected colours are combined, such as red and pink, or brown and black. People get really provoked by that and I love that. Challenging and subverting preexisting beliefs spawns interesting discussions, says Linnéa.

NCS Colour Code: NCS S 4050-Y80R
Do you want to see more of Linnéa Andersson? Her work will be exhibited at the POM Gallery in Mariefred from 1 July – 13 August 2023. Link Pom Gallery
Linnéa Andersson at Atelier Fleur
You may also find more information on her website.

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Information about products and NCS Notations:

Wall: NCS S 1515-Y70R

Motif: NCS S 4050-Y80R

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NCS Atlas 2050