Transforming Workspaces: The Power of Architectural Vision and Colour Expertise at NCS Colour's New Office

Transforming Workspaces: The Power of Architectural Vision and Colour Expertise at NCS Colour's New Office

The process of designing a new office space can be both exhilarating and challenging. The re-design of NCS Colour’s office involved a lot of work from both Spectrum Architect’s and NCS Colour’s design experts. Finding the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality, and employee satisfaction requires a team who can truly understand the unique needs and aspirations of the company.

NCS Office Workspace

When tasked with the opportunity to create a creative concept for NCS Colour's new office, Spectrum Architects took an innovative approach, ensuring that the final design would be a seamless reflection of NCS Colour's brand and a source of inspiration for its employees. Spectrum Architects recognized the paramount importance of involving the NCS Colour staff in the design process. By actively seeking input from employees, they gained invaluable insights into their preferences, work patterns, and expectations for the new office. This collaborative approach allowed them to craft a design concept that not only met NCS Colour's functional requirements but also resonated with the aspirations and values of its workforce.

The concept revolves around capturing the vibrant and joyful atmosphere that defines the NCS colour brand and, of course, how to make colours a central element throughout the office.

The concept was adopted by the NCS Colour team, taking the core of the NCS Colour brand and making it a real-life example of the power of colours in the design. The team used over 25 different colours though the office space to cultivate unique atmospheres and evoke different emotions within different spaces. They took the essence of the NCS brand and demonstrated the potential of colours in creating amazingly designed environments.

NCS Versatile Meeting Room - Blue RoomCreating harmony between design concept, office furniture, art and wall colour was a top priority in this project. Leveraging the NCS Colourpin Pro colour reader on the beautiful furniture from Blå Station made it possible to create seamless flow between different surfaces.

Harnessing NCS’s colour knowledge and understanding of its psychological effects, they set out to create an atmosphere that nurtures creativity, productivity, and well-being. The NCS+ app proved to be an invaluable tool during this phase, facilitating quick and efficient colour decisions and combinations. Working collaboratively through the NCS+ tool, the team could visualize how different colours interacted, allowing them to fine-tune the ambiance of each area and ensure a harmonious flow throughout the office.

By thoughtfully incorporating a diverse palette throughout the office and meeting rooms, they have crafted an environment that speaks directly to the well-being and efficacy of its occupants. Vibrant pinks cover the entrance of the office, setting the tone for the innovative and colourful company NCS is. Breakout zones have softer palettes, such as dusky pink and greens, to give the team a chance for solitude, and the smaller meeting rooms have low chromatic colours to create a calm meeting space.

NCS Breakout Zone - Softer Green Palette

The result of this fruitful collaboration between Spectrum Architects and NCS Colour was an office space that surpassed all expectations. The design breathed life into the workspace, fostering a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that encourages innovation and collaboration. NCS's brand identity was seamlessly woven into every corner of the office, reinforcing the brand's colourful heritage.

"Spectrum Architect’s collaboration with NCS Colour and the team's innovative use of the NCS+ design tool  is a testament to the transformative impact of colour in the workplace. We have created an office that not only reflects NCS Colour's identity and our team but  also fosters creativity, productivity, and joy among the team. This colourful transformation serves as a shining example of how technology and design can converge to shape spaces that inspire and elevate human experiences," said Elin Askfelt, CEO of NCS Colour.

The success of the NCS Colour office redesign project exemplifies the transformative impact of involving employees in the design process and the potential that arises when combining architectural expertise with the specialized knowledge of the company itself. Spectrum Architects' thoughtful approach, coupled with NCS Colour's prowess and the seamless integration of the NCS Colour brand, resulted in a space that not only met functional requirements but also became an inspiring and productive hub for the NCS Colour team. As companies continue to recognize the significance of workspace design, the NCS Colour project serves as a shining example of how a harmonious fusion of creativity, collaboration, and colour expertise can elevate an office space to new heights.

Colourful Pink Office Entrance